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(If under 21 years old supply details of a guarantor who will be prepared to sign a personal guarantee form before the tenancy starts)

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I consent to The Property Boss Ltd:

Contacting any tenant default database or credit bureau to obtain other information about me.
Providing the information in this form and details of any proven breach of my Tenancy Agreement or of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and (including 2010 amendments) to any credit bureau or tenant default databases and that the information may then be publicly accessible through credit bureau or tenant default databases.

Using any of the information on this form to enforce any judgment in respect of the Tenancy Agreement or in respect of any order against me made by the Tenancy Tribunal.
That an assessment regarding my fulfilment of basic tenant responsibilities may be added to an internet based tenant reference website. This assessment will be about how I act in relation to:

  • Payment of rent
  • Kept the dwelling and grounds tidy
  • Were considerate towards neighbours
  • Left the dwelling and grounds tidy

If I am successful with my application for a tenancy then I consent to my details being used to assist the agent/landlord with the running of the tenancy

If I am declined this tenancy for reasons of a bad credit history or Tenancy Tribunal orders against me, I am aware that this may be placed on a tenancy database

I agree to any of this information being given to another Landlord.

I authorise any person or company to provide you with such information as you may require in response to your credit and/or rental inquires. I further authorise you to furnish to any third party details of this application and any subsequent dealings that I may have with you as a result of this application being actioned by you.

Please note that the completion of this application form does not constitute an agreement to lease a property to the applicant. An agreement to lease will be reached when The Property Boss Ltd has offered/accepted and issued a receipt for your non refundable deposit.

I, the Tenant, consent to the above conditions.

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