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Tenant Selection Process

We keep high standards. If we do not have the right tenant for your property, we wait until we do. The wrong tenant can mean a future problem.

We screen prospective tenants by phone before deciding to invite them to a property viewing. Suitable prospective tenants are personally shown through the property by a Property Boss letting agent. Properties are never left open and keys are never given out for unattended veiwings!

To assess tenant suitability, our Prospective Tenant Application form; requests critical information.  Finally we do a credit check before offering a property.

Setting & Maintaining Market Rent

Rental levels are driven by the style, location, condition, amenities and current market conditions.

The Property Boss periodically reviews current rental levels for each property, and where appropriate, recommends a rental increase or will advise you if it is felt that a reduction is necessary to ensure maximum occupancy.

Rent Collection

Rent is checked daily to immediately identify any arrears.  Our computerized system highlights any rent arrears for which we have a zero tolerance policy to. A phone call is made to the tenant, and if rent is not received the following day a 14 day letter is sent.  If the arrears are still not paid after 3 days we will apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for a hearing. 

Property Inspections

Firstly photographs are taken both indoors and outdoors in case of any future dispute. Inspections are undetaken to ensure the tenant is respecting your property, and to identify any maintenance required. 

The Property Boss will carry out the first inspection after six weeks – to ensure everything is going well with your new tenant and property. The second inspection is six weeks later and thereafter at three monthly intervals.

Inspections also allow you to budget for future upgrades and maintenance.


After each inspection The Property Boss will email a Routine Condition Report detailing any changes to the property condition and any maintenance recomendations. Inspection reports will be viewable from our web site through a secure log in at some stage of 2011.


We believe a well maintained property always rents first, attracts and retains a better quality of tenant and the value of your investment. Owning your own home requires periodic maintenance, so does your Investment property.

We will arrange urgent and non urgent maintenance on your behalf and have reliable trades people who work for us regularly. The Property Boss is also happy to advise on improvements to the property, so you can achieve maximum rent.

Some owners like to do their own maintenance. If you do, it is important this work is carried out quickly and not left until a ‘rainy day’ – we have a commitment to our tenants to provide prompt repairs and maintenance.

Rent Disbursement

Funds are held in our Trust Account then we transfer the balance directly into your bank account on the first business day following the first and 15th of each month. The Property Boss deducts its Management Fee and any maintenance expenses directly from this amount. You will receive a comprehensive Statement via email.  At some stage in 2011 this will be viewable from our web site through a secure log.

Tribunal Representation

We have sound knowledge and experience in dealing with Tribunal Hearings and with all aspects of the Residential Tenancies Act. If it is necessary, we will apply for a Mediation Hearing with Tenancy Services, then the Tenancy Tribunal if agreement cannot be reached.

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